Student and Front Porch Volunteer

Sammy Case

4th year Liberal Studies

Sammy likes coffee and tea when she is hanging out at Front Porch.

To me, Front Porch is a place I can go to just be with people that live so well. It is a place where fear and insecurity and stress of college life takes a backseat to being present and belonging in this space. Where you can hear laughter throughout the building at all times, where everyone is a friendly face, and where coffee comes free and without expectations. It provides a space to be fully myself with people that love so unconditionally. Front Porch is the best thing for so many and their work driven by love and grace and the art of living well is so, so important.
— Sammy Case



Student & Front Porch Volunteer

Patrick Whitesel

3rd year Mechanical Engineering

Patrick is not much of a coffee drinker, but enjoys a Yerba Mate every now and then

College can be a place where you can become lost in the crowd. Coming from a tight-knit community back home, I was so overwhelmed with decisions that I have never had to make before. As soon as I walked through those front doors for the first time freshmen year, I felt like I had finally found a place I could call home ever since I had left for college. The amount of support I have received from this community in many aspects of my life has been astounding. It truly has helped me become the man of God I strive to be, and I am very appreciative of it.
— Patrick Whitesel



Student & Front Porch Volunteer

Denae Dupray

4th year Biomedical Engineering student

Denae enjoys her coffee at Porch with just a little bit of cream and sugar

Front Porch is basically my second-home. I always know that when I walk through the door there will be a friendly face, whether that actually be the friends I’ve made here, Joel, Dom, Ryan, or just the people that make this place what it is. Front Porch is my safe haven and has been since my freshmen year. Honestly, I don’t think I could put words to how life-changing this place, the community, or how the coffee has actually impacted me. My college experience and overall life has forever been changed because of this place.
— Denae Dupray