We like to do things that build community. We do things like camping trips, open mic nights, ugly sweater Christmas parties, and mission trips. We do things together because we think life is better when lived in the company of others. So.... come hang out with us!  



Come sing, dance, play an instrument, tell some jokes, play the kazoo, whatever-floats-your-boat, and hang with your friends. Free coffee, cocoa, tea , and cookies provided. We're talkin homemade, right out of the oven.  



Being located on the Central Coast, Front Porch has the luxury of being located between some of the most pristine places on Earth. Framed by Santa Barbra and Big Sur, we are just a short drive from coastal magic, and we try to take advantage of it at least once a quarter (that's about 10 weeks).  



As Christians, we believe that an integral part of what it means to follow Jesus means being a community of people who are not inwardly, but outwardly focused. We want to share God's love not only with the people who come through our doors in San Luis Obispo, but with those who may not have the opportunity to share a cup of coffee with us. We have had teams go and build houses in Mexico, serve the homeless in San Francisco, and work along side missionaries in Nicaragua. This year during spring break (March 22-28), we are building houses in Tutwiler, Mississippi.  Interested in coming? e-mail Carolynn Kern (carekern@gmail.com).