The Coffee House…

We believe life is meant to be lived in genuine community with one another and so we provide as many platforms for that to happen as we can. One such platform is the Coffee House, which is open daily and offers FREE coffee, tea, goodies, WiFi, and access to the various rooms of the Coffee House for Cal Poly University and Cuesta College students. We have plenty of areas to study, or to enjoy a conversation in our two story building. Having such a platform creates SPACE for relationships to develop between students, as well as students and mentors. Students are coming for more than simply a cup of coffee or a unique place to study. They come to know and be known, to relax, to find a home away from home, and to be accepted into a community that will not judge them, but simply love them and meet them where they are at in life.

We are open daily when school is in session. This typically means Mon-Fri 8AM-11PM, and Sat-Sun 10AM-11pm. Opening times vary based on our volunteers, so you may find someone here as early as 7am, or the facility remaining open all night. We are located behind the Health Center where Foothill Blvd dead ends into campus at 1468 E Foothill Blvd.

We count on volunteers to help us staff the Coffee House, so please email, Joel, if you have a block of time to help out each week. No special skills or experience needed, duties are light, and you’ll meet some amazing people. Commitments are for the quarter or semester.