Casa Veranda

Casa Veranda offers students a home away from home in San Luis Obispo. Our aim is to foster an environment that helps students to get the most out of their college experience, allowing them both the privacy, comfort and freedom to be themselves and creating an environment where together they challenge each other to grow into their potential. It's a living/learning community serving students in San Luis Obispo.

There are 7 furnished living units, with 5 bed/5 bath, living & dining room, kitchen, and laundry facilities in each. Casa Veranda is entirely managed by  Farrell Smyth, Inc., so if you're interested in living here, contact Farrell Smyth at 805-543-2636. Casa Veranda is an equal opportunity housing opportunity. There is no requirement for residents to participate in Front Porch ministry activities.

Residents also have access to the Front Porch coffee house, including free coffee, game room, library, kitchen, and study/meeting areas. The Front Porch Director lives next to the facility with his family and is ready to encourage and serve the Casa Veranda residents as well as Front Porch ministry participants.

College is your opportunity to have fun, to learn and to build friendships that will last an entire lifetime. Whether you've decided to make Cal Poly or Cuesta your alma mater, at Casa Veranda you will wake up each day at the heart of a vibrant student community. We are steps to the Health Center, Rec Center, and UU Plaza, with several restaurants, El Corrall Bookstore, a bowling alley, a craft shop, ... you get the idea.