Camping at El Capitan State Beach, Santa Barbra

" Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Over the weekend of March 21st, Front Porch celebrated the dawning of Spring, by going camping in beautiful Santa Barbra. Our campsite was positioned with a view overlooking the coastline. Because it was early spring, the sandbar had not yet returned but there were some great lawn picnic areas that we were able to play Spikeball on and the rocks served for some excellent tide pooling. During the day, some of the group went on an amazing hike that gave panoramic views of Santa Barbra, Carpenteria, and Goleta. The hike paralleled a creek, shaded by California Native trees regaining their green color.

During our time in reflection, we looked at God's unending and deep love for us. How often we get caught up in the culture of 'doing' enough,  instead of just living in God's grace. It was great being able to sit, be still by a fire, and breathe. Drinking the wild air will do ya good, as will taking time to soak up God's grace.