Open House - Being a Piece of the Puzzle


We had a wonderful turnout at our Open House on Saturday. It was a great opportunity to share with both the members of the community, as well as the number of church congregations that support our ministry, about what Front Porch is and where it is headed. Those in attendance had the opportunity to hear from both current students of Cal Poly, as well as alumni, about the difference Front Porch has made in their life. It provided me the wonderful opportunity to meet many of the people who have faithfully supported Front Porch throughout the years, and to share with them a little bit of the direction I see Front Porch heading as we move forward. 

Throughout the Front Porch Ministries building we had posters pinned on the walls with various items on our "wish list" to help make the coffee shop, library, and study areas more functional. Those in attendance were able to donate money towards specific items on our wish or to wherever it was needed most. They were also able to donate their time and efforts by coming in and filling a shift at the Coffee House, or providing a meal for our weekly Wednesday night gatherings. Those who committed to supporting our ministry in some way were able to add a piece to the puzzle that you can see a picture of below. We greatly appreciate all that was donated to help make Front Porch the amazing place that it is for College students. 

We do know there were many people who wanted to join us on Saturday but were not able to. Our hope is that you will be a piece of the puzzle as well! We have many more items on our wishlist, opportunities to support out ministry through serving in the Coffee House, and plenty of Wednesday nights here at Porch where we are in need of a meal. If you are interested in hearing more about how you can be involved in Front Porch please email me:

Please continue to pray for Front Porch and the direction that God is taking it. It is an exciting time to be involved at Front Porch and I am humbled to be a part of it. I hope you will want to be a part of it too!